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You won’t believe what French scientists discovered about IVC filters

A team of French scientists followed 400 people who were at high risk for pulmonary embolism for nearly a decade. About half the patients were on some kind of blood thinner medication, while the others received anticoagulants and an IVC filter. The results?

After two years, there was no discernible difference in mortality rate between the two methods of treatment.  Shockingly, though, researchers discovered that those with the IVC filter experienced Deep Vein Thrombosis at a 10% higher rate than those without the medical device.

After eight years, the results were even clearer: 35.7% of patients with IVC filters had experienced Deep Vein Thrombosis, compared to just 27.5% of those without the device. The IVC filter actually increased health risks – the exact opposite of what the device was created to do.

The researchers’ conclusion? Their “findings do not support the use of this type of filter in patients who can be treated with anticoagulation.”

In spite of this study, and many others, IVC filters remain on the market and are being implanted in patients to this day.

For the hundreds of people who have submitted adverse event reports to the FDA, the results of this study will likely not come as a surprise.

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