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A new study shows a link between unretrieved IVC filters and deep vein thrombosis. IVC filters are designed to prevent pulmonary embolism, but many times are not removed after they’ve done their job. This was thought to be harmless, as many of the pharmaceutical companies behind the medical device did not warn physicians of the associated risks.

FDA Says Remove Filters After Danger Has Passed.

IVC Filters Are Being Left in Patients For Far Too Long. 

The FDA recommends that IVC filters be taken out after the danger of pulmonary embolism has passed – usually about one to two months. Unfortunately, however, many patients walk around with these devices for far longer than recommended. When the device isn’t retrieved in a timely manner, the study shows, it can lead to IVC filter thrombosis. If the devices aren’t removed, patients with untreated IVC filter blood clots have a 90 percent chance of suffering post-thrombotic syndrome. This shocking figure likely comes as a surprise to doctors and patients alike.

It’s not easy to diagnose IVC filter thrombosis, which is why advocates urge physicians to remove the filter according to FDA recommendations, rather than wait around for complications to arise.

Numerous Reports of IVC Filter Complications

This is yet another risk associated with IVC filters. In 2010, the FDA reportedly received more than 900 adverse event reports about the device. Since that time, who knows how many more issues have been reported? From migration to tearing and components breaking lose, IVC filters come with risks no patient should be subjected to.

Do You Have A Case?

Have you had complications with your IVC filter?
Were you told your IVC filter could not be removed?
Have you had an IVC filter for an extended period of time?
Was an IVC filter involved in your loved ones death?

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