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Public at risk of shocking side effects when using IVC filters

7049138_mA South Dakota woman has filed a lawsuit against the makers of the IVC filter she’d had implanted to prevent embolism. This decision comes after discovering the filter had become lodged in an internal organ – and considered to be irretrievable.

The IVC filter has been known to cause problems with long term use, so the FDA has recommended that doctors remove the device after their patient is no longer facing threats of pulmonary embolism – usually between 29 and 54 days after the initial implant. For this plaintiff, the IVC filter was never removed. Eventually, the filter dislodged from the spot where it was supposed to stay, migrating around the body before becoming stuck in an internal organ.

Shockingly, there are hundreds of adverse event reports submitted to the FDA. In spite of their concern – not to mention their pain and suffering – IVC filters remain on the market. One small battle has been won, recently, however. The FDA required pharmaceutical companies to include black box warnings that alert both doctors and patients to the potential for danger.

Legal Help

IVC filter lawsuits are being filed across the country.  If you have have an IVC filter and experienced injuries due to the fragmentation and migration of this device, contact our lawyers for a free case evaluation 877-544-5323.