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IVC Filters May Do More Harm Than Good

A new study from the University of Michigan has revealed that IVC filters, popularly used to prevent blood clots, do not actually provide any additional benefit over patients who did not use the device. This revelation will resonate with the families of the hundreds of patients who have died because of their filter breaking apart and fatally injuring them. On average, the study found, patients with IVC filters survive no longer than patients who do not have the device implanted. Moreover, patients with IVC filters were 83 percent more like to experience deep vein thrombosis than those without filters.

These findings add credibility to the theory that these IVC filters are neither a safe nor effective treatment for patients. Federal regulators have recently gone as far as recommending that doctors remove the filter as soon as the risk of blood clots has passed. The longer the filter remains implanted, the greater the chance for malfunctions.

Filters Known to Malfunction

The FDA first issued an alert about potential problems with IVC filters back in 2010. Nearly six years later, hundreds of patients have experienced malfunctions. Sometimes the filter breaks free, migrating throughout the body and often piercing internal organs. Other times, the filter simply becomes dislodged. Regardless of the cause, nothing good can come from malfunctions like these.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you or a loved one has an IVC filter implanted, talk with your doctor about these well-researched and established claims about the device. As evidence continues to stack up against the two leading filter manufacturers, Bard and Cook, the medical community will need to reevaluate the use of the device in the future.

IVC Filter Injury Lawsuits

The Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, PC are currently investigating cases related to IVC filter complications that led to serious injury, or the death of a loved one. If you would like to setup a free consultation with our office to discuss your situation, contact us at 877-544-5323.