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Hundreds Report IVC Filters Breaking, Travelling Internally

The eyes of the medical community are on the lawyers and judge involved in the federal Bard IVC filter lawsuits. The lawsuits, which claim that the medical device can break and travel inside patients’ bodies, were recently consolidated for multidistrict litigation. This often happens when there are many of the same kind of claims being brought against a single business. These current cases are far from the last IVC filter suits that will likely be filed against Bard and other companies. Experts predict that there will likely be hundreds more claims filed because of the medical device malfunctioning.

IVC filters are designed to prevent blood from clotting in the lungs. When working properly, IVC filters are very useful and potentially life saving devices. Unfortunately, when they malfunction, the Bard IVC filters have been known to break apart and pierce patients internally. Too often, this occurs because the device is left in longer than is necessary to ward off pulmonary embolisms.

Five years ago, the Food and Drug Administration issued an official warning about the potential dangers associated with Bard’s IVC filter. They indicated that they had received hundreds of complaints about the device malfunctioning, breaking apart and travelling internally. Last year, the FDA advised doctors to limit the time they keep the IVC filters inside their patients. The warning is telling – it seems doctors weren’t warned of the potential for injury and complications, nor about the importance of retrieving the filter in a timely fashion.

As more awareness is raised about these suits, we expect to see even more people file claims against Bard.

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