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FDA to Doctors: Remove IVC Filters As Soon As Possible

More warnings have been issued about the dangers associated with a common medical device known as the IVC filter. The Food and Drug Administration has updated their safety communication about the filters, formally recommending that doctors remove IVC filters from patients once there is no longer a serious fear of pulmonary embolism from occurring. This advice comes on the heels of reports that the device has been malfunctioning at a serious and dangerous rate.

IVC filters are incredibly useful devices – when they perform correctly, they prevent pulmonary embolisms from occurring. But when the filter fails, it can be deadly. The sharp metal used to manufacture the filter can break off and pierce patients internally. Even if the filter doesn’t break apart, the entire device has been known to migrate within the body. Even the difference of a few centimeters can mean excruciating pain for the patient.

If you or someone you know has an IVC filter inserted, consider speaking with doctors about the long term goals for the device. Once the patient is out of the pulmonary embolism woods – so to speak – the IVC filter should be removed. The FDA specifically recommends removal between 29 and 54 days after initial insertion. The longer it remains inside the patient, the greater risk for failure and severe injury.

In addition to their warnings, the FDA is requiring IVC filter manufacturers to provide additional product testing to determine the safety profiles of each device. The studies hope to answer questions about both retrievable and long term IVC filters and their rates of failure in the hopes of better serving patients around the world.

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