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Bard Knew of Dangerous IVC Filter Complications

Bard IVC Filters Linked to Deaths and Injuries

Experts estimate there have been 27 fatalities linked to the malfunction of IVC filters manufactured by Bard. An additional 300 problems have been reported about the device.

In spite of warnings from doctors and increasing reports of deaths and injuries, Bard refused to recall their dangerous IVC filters from the market. Fearing bad press and stock market losses, the device manufacturers kept quiet about the controversy and continued to sell the IVC filters. Bard sold about 34,000 over the next three years before finally modifying the design.

Not all IVC filters on the market are as risky as the ones manufactured by Bard. There are a quarter million filters implanted in patients each year, but the way the Bard implant is designed puts people at higher risk than if doctors had used a different brand.

Known to Cause Serious Damage to Internal Organs

While the modified version of the filters do indeed seem to be safer, there are undoubtedly hundreds of people walking around with this ticking time bomb in their chests. The filters have been know to pierce hearts and perforate pancreases. There’s no telling exactly when a piece of the device might break off and become lodged in a major organ. Instead, patients already suffering in fear of blood clots must also live with the reality that the filter protecting them might also be doing fatal damage.

Failure to Warn of Risks

Bard owes it to consumers to be honest about the product’s risks. People with the device will likely want it removed in favor of a safer version, but such surgeries can be both expensive and incredibly dangerous. Had Bard recalled the product when they first learned of the potential for injuries and fatalities, hundreds of people would not have had the filters implanted. That knowledge – and refusal to share said knowledge – incriminates the medical device manufacturer.

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