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Bard Accused of Fraud, Concealment in Lawsuit

A lawsuit against Bard alleges that the company knew of the risks associated with the failure rate of their IVC filters, but chose not to warn patients or doctors about the dangers. Unfortunately, this calculated move led to the deaths and severe injuries of hundreds of people. This latest lawsuit is just one of many – in fact, a federal judge recently consolidated a majority of IVC filter suits against Bard.

It’s no wonder the company is in such legal hot water. Their IVC filter fails at a high rate, and when it does, it presents life-threatening risks. The filter has been known to tilt, break and even dislodge from its original placement. Once the sharp pieces of the filter are broken, they often pierce internal organs and fail to prevent pulmonary embolism, the exact reason the patient had the device installed in the first place.

The woman who has filed the most recent suit against Bard lost her husband due to the IVC filter failing in this way. When the device tilted, it perforated his inferior vena cava. This device failure resulted in the death of her husband. The woman and her lawyers allege that Bard knew of their product’s risks but purposefully concealed them.

At minimum, we expect our healthcare providers – be it doctors, pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers – to look out for our safety. Providing patients with filters known to be hazardous is not just callous, it’s downright cruel.

IVC Filter Injury Lawsuits

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