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40% of Bard IVC Recovery Filters Fail

We live in a rapidly changing world, with new technologies emerging from the medical field seemingly daily. These procedures and devices are exciting and often life changing for millions around the world. When a medical device fails, however, one has to wonder: is the new technology doing more harm than good?

The Bard IVC filter was designed to break up blood clots and prevent pulmonary embolism from occurring. Indeed, the product (and others like it) have undoubtedly saved many lives. Tragically, however, many lives have been put at risk or even cut short by the same device that was meant to protect and save them. IVC filters have been known to perforate and break loose inside the body. Once loose, these sharp pieces of metal can pierce the arterial wall and even internal organs.

Bard isn’t the only company creating dangerous IVC filters. Cook Group Inc.’s filter was found to fail 100 percent of the time after just 71 days of use. The Food and Drug Administration has updated their recommendation of the product, warning physicians to remove the filter as soon as possible – and once the 54 day window of pulmonary embolism risk has passed.

As lawsuits against these companies pile up, more people are coming forward with their concerns about the filters. One regulator even warned the FDA about the way Bard handled the safety trials of their Recovery Filter. Her reservations were clearly not taken seriously enough, and now the company will have to take responsibility for the pain they’ve caused.

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